Our Services

Within our areas of expertise we provide Research, Learning and Communications services.

Research services

Farmer ranking innovations with a Bao game

Our research-oriented services reflect two approaches:

1. Field research and experiments

We undertake full research programmes, including design, execution and publications. We are particularly strong in participatory research with farmers, socio-economic research and food security assessments. We also provide advice, backstopping and quality assurance for field research and experiments.

2. Desk studies, analyses and syntheses

We carry out desk studies, analyse many types of data, to synthesise the latest existing knowledge in topics of sustainable (agricultural) development.

Examples of our research work:

Learning services

Our learning-oriented services can be differentiated into three categories:

1. Workshops, training seminars and learning tools

We organise full workshops and seminars, or sessions and lectures as part of other programmes. Using a variety of tools (from lectures to participatory learning exercises), we have experience in targeting many different audiences, ranging from field level staff in development projects to university researchers.

Various examples:

  • Biogas production analysis tool (produced by Flemming Nielsen and Darrel Huffman for Fact Foundation and HIVOS, 2014).
  • Training of trainers in Uganda on berry fruit production for Fair Trade and Organic exports (Julia Wright for Tropical Wholefoods/Garden Organic, 2010).
  • Lectures for Masters' classes at Larenstein University, Netherlands: on HIV/AIDS & small-scale farming (Mundie Salm, 2008 and 2011) and Financing of development projects through carbon credits (Flemming Nielsen, 2010).
  • Member of Scientific Committee for International Conference on Jatropha curcas (Flemming Nielsen for Fact Foundation, Netherlands, 2010).

2. Appraisals and evaluations

We carry out appraisals, feasibility studies and evaluations on agricultural or other development projects.

Various examples:

3. Educational resources

We have experience in designing learning modules on sustainable agriculture and livelihood themes, for diverse ages and groups - formal and informal. The modules are based on a wide variety of participatory learning exercises, based on Farmer Field School approaches, games and theatre, in addition to theory-based lecture materials.

Various examples:

  • Analysis on experiences with smallholder Jatropha production Jatropha for local development (after the hype) (First author Flemming Nielsen for HIVOS, December 2013).
  • 7-module educational series: Learning AgriCultures: Insights from sustainable small-scale farming) For educators at higher academic institutions and NGO trainers (Mundie Salm coordinated and developed this series, and was in the core writing team for six of the modules - for ILEIA, 2007-2011).
  • Facilitators' Manual for the Junior Farmer Field and Life School programme in Mozambique: For primary school teachers, agricultural extensionists and community workers (Mundie Salm designed, co-ordinated and edited 7 of 8 modules plus Facilitators' Guide and Cultural Activities Guide - for FAO, 2005-2007).
  • Agricultural research training materials: For researchers at the Ministry of Agriculture in Mozambique (Flemming Nielsen for Government of Mozambique financed by DANIDA, 2004-2007).

Communications services

Our communications services reflect three directions of work:

1. Publications and websites

While maintaining our policy of clear, jargon-free communications, we write and edit scientific or journalistic articles in magazines and websites, as well as policy and project reports, guides, manuals, educational modules and other printed materials. We also design websites that bring together different publications along an agricultural development theme.

Various examples:

2. Photographs

We have a large archive of high-quality photographs focused on small-scale farming in the tropics. We also have experience in producing videos on development themes.

Examples of our photography:

  • Go to our Photo Gallery: Our site publishes a large collection of high-quality photographs that can be purchased, depicting small-scale farming and rural development primarily in sub-Saharan Africa. (Photos by Flemming Nielsen, 1999-present).